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After School Care

What to Look for in After School Care


As you consider the options in after school care? You may have a few options available to you but finding just the right location for your child has to be a priority. At Afterschool Aventura, you will find an innovative, respected program designed to give your child the right type of experience when he or she isn’t able to be with you or in a formal school environment. You can trust in our team to provide safe learning at its best. Here are some tips to help you make the right decisions for your child.

Do You Want Your Child to Engage in After School Activities?

One of the things we do in our after school care program is to provide you with a way to ensure after school activities are still completed. Our children are able to engage in a wide range of after school programs, including dances classes and martial arts. Be sure to ask us about the various types of programs available to you. Your child does not have to sit in front of a TV. Choose our program instead for comprehensive support and care.

Do You Need a Program That Offers Transportation Options?

One of the most challenging aspects of after school day care for some parents is just getting their child there. Our team alleviates this problem for our clients. We provide you with an opportunity to have your child picked up on a private bus right from their school. They safely are brought right back to our program to provide outstanding, one-on-one care.

Are You Worried About COVID and the Precautions Being Taken?


You do not have to guess what the after school daycare is providing. Our team is working hard to meet all CDC measures necessary. This means paying close attention to the climate in the community and making changes to fit the needs of current conditions. The good news is we are always working to make sure you are well aware of everything happening. You should feel comfortable knowing our team is ready to support your child in a safe manner.

Are You Looking for a Staff That Really Cares?


It is not easy to head off to work and other activities when you have a child that needs your attention and support. You can trust the team at Afterschool Aventura to be that supportive service. Our after school daycare is designed to provide you with exceptional support every day. Reach out to us with any of the questions you have.


When you need after school daycare that’s affordable but also dedicated to being the very best available, put your trust in our team at Afterschool Aventura.

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