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After School Activities Near Me
After School Daycare

About Us

Are After School Activities for Kids Near Me the Best Option?


Every situation is different, but our team at Afterschool Aventura works to make after school something parents do not have to worry about for any of their needs. As a fully licensed and insured organization, we provide a safe community. We follow all CDC guidelines for safety, too. You can feel confident that your child is going to be protected.

We also offer programs for those with special needs. You can expect one-on-one interaction and social interactions with other students. When you want your child to engage with others, learn, and grow, you need a program like Afterschool Aventura.

Find the Support You Need After School


At Afterschool Aventura, we provide an all-inclusive after school program you can rely on. We are reliable, provide you with peace of mind, and offer affordable prices that fit the needs of today’s working parents. When you need exceptional care for your son or daughter over the age of 4, reach out to our team.

Serving Aventura, Sunny Isles, North Miami, and the surrounding area, Afterschool Aventura is available to your child. Contact our team today to learn more about the services we offer. Visit us to learn more about our addiction care and programs for children with special needs.

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